Sunday, April 5, 2009

I did it!!

I am a total techno dork!!

Really I am!!

I can never get how to do any thing cool involving the computer.

Well I wanted one of those cool Grab me buttons that are popping up every where.

You know the ones in peoples side bars that are a direct link to your blog with a cool picture with your blog name..

I really thought I was going to have to pay some one to make me one or bribe them with an apron.

Well I thought let me try it first so I googled how to make a blog button and was linked to some good sites that were just to hard for me to understand.

I tried for 2 hours with not much luck.

So I clicked on one more help site and tried what they said and was shocked in mere minutes I accomplished my goal. I was shocked. Heck I am still shocked!!

Now I need all my bloggy friends to go grab my button and let me know if it really works.

**** Etited****
I was so excited when I wrote this post I forgot to give you all the link.
Cilck Here Good luck !!
PS let me know if you make one!!



Ter said...

Well, are you gonna share with us where the link is so we can make our own bloggy buttons?! :)

I will have to start adding people's blog buttons to my blog ... maybe sometime this week i'll do that. :)

Meg Giroux said...

Jenn, I gave up trying on this stuff. I guess I will settle for the fact that I can upload and get the blog together in the first place right!!!???

Jennifer said...

Good job! I'm going to add it now.

MeganSloan said...

What was the link?

Shawnee said...

Come on, share what site helped you figure this out!

Very nice.

The Blonde Duck said...

Congrats! You did a fabulous job!

Joy said...

It looks awesome! Congrats to you! I've always wanted one too but haven't had the extra $$ to pay for it to be done. I'm going to click on that link of yours and see if I can figure it out. Thank you. :o)

Wolf said...

oooh! i always wondered how people made those! thanks for sharing!

SBA said...

Jennifer, thanks for the link luv! I replied to your comment on my blog --- something to align your a million memories button so that words are not chopped off. you can do it, you geek you! lol I love your images...

Anonymous said...

Good job!!!!

RatalieNose said...

Grabbing one right now!