Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some sweet loving..

I truly have the best neighbors in the world.. Exspecally Al and Ruth.. They take the cake or the doughnuts for that matter.
This morning I was sewing up a storm because Baby M's mommy gave me the day off. When knock knock guess who's at the door. IT was Al my wonderful neighbor with a box of doughnuts and pizza for dinner. He walks in and says wheres baby. I said she is home with her real mommy. He then kissed my cheek and said well good I guess this means you have a real day off you don't even have to make dinner. I can't even tell you what those words meant! I was loudly screaming Yes Yes Yes inside my head. It really stinks being a single parent.. Thank goodness it's only for a little while.
So with these yummy donuts I thought I would take some sexy sweet pix for Dale.. Ok maybe not sexy.. just sweet.

I love and miss you!! I cant wait until you are home with us again..
BTW look at the beautiful blue sky and look at the ground NO snow!!
We are in a heat wave here at 62 degrees. Time to brake out my bikini and sun bathe. Ok NO bikini just shorts and a short sleeve shirt. I don't want to scare our new back yard neighbors. LOL


Diane said...

a 62 degree heat wave huh? i think i'd freeze to death there!

that was really awesome of you neighbor!

Anonymous said...

Well you think it's warm there, we're supposed to have snow tonight, tomarrow night and maybe Saturday and we're in the middle of the country, that is lower forty-eight.
Like the moose in your back yard or the neighbors!
Sent you hubby a couple of relief packages Tuesday.
Like looking at his blog.
Luv Ya Pa

RatalieNose said...

Heat wave????
We're getting up into the 100s here!!!!

shaina said...

You wouldn't scare the neighbors!! So glad you are getting some sunshine. Thank goodness for loving and thoughtful people. Take care.

FORD RULES said...

Thanks for the pic it was really I'm craving doughnuts! TOO!

Ter said...

aw nice neighbors, they're welcome to come by anytime!

Nicole said...

Neighbors rock! You must be having the same heat wave as us. It was almost 80 all week. And of course it's suppose to rain all weekend. How does it do that???

Gamma Sharon said...

What nice neighbors. Now I am craving doughnuts and pizza for dinner sounds good.

Kimberlee said...

How wonderful.