Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to school shopping!!

What were we thinking. We took all 6 school aged kids school clothes shopping yesterday.
We went to the BX  first and grabbed a few things then went over to our favorite pizza joint The Moose's Tooth for lunch..
After lunch is when the torturer began the fun began.
I dont ever rember school shopping being this dramatic.
We had goofing around, tears, rolling of the eyes and tons of "when are we going home"..
There were some really cute points like when Ben our 5 year old said "mom
where did all the models faces go".
He also loved running his hands up and down the mannequins legs.
I tried to get a pic but when the camera came out he ran behind my legs and said "what do you think you are doing mom? I dont want anymore pictures of me on your blog"
I got to give him credit the kid is smart.
This is exactly where the picture would have ended up.
I did get this pic of Garrett and Madie haveing a conversation on how bored they were shopping for clothes for the older girls, a very rare moment in when the two actually got a long.
Need i mention that he bopped her on the head 2 seconds later just to prove there love hate relationship.
After 12 hours and to much money spent we went home only to have to do it again next year..
~Big Sigh~


RatalieNose said...

Hahaha how fun!!!
Love the random things that siblings bond over!!

Aunt Spicy said...

Adore your blog! I randomly clicked the link from Wish Trish's blog and have been smiling the entire time I have been reading yours!

Dreamgirl said...

You are indeed a very brave woman! 6 kids shopping... that's just crazy! Just taking my two kids shopping almost kills me.

You have earned my deepest respect woman!

Have an oh so fabulous week!

Nicole said...

SO was Dale with you or are you seriously amazingly crazy and went by yourself!? Lol!!! Love ya! Oh I am sooooooooo excited you are the new activites leader in RS!!! We heard you have over 100 ideas and will listen to more!! :)

Anonymous said...

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