Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little Q&A fun!!

The other day I asked if anybody had any questions they wanted me to answer.
A few of you had some pretty interesting Questions.
The first one is from Cheri at Bakow babble
Cheri asked me" Have you always lived in Alaska?

 The Answer is NO!! I was moved her pretty much unwillingly.
Alaska is one of the last places on earth I would have ever chosen to live.
I cried a lot when we were told we had orders to Alaska.
Once i got here I felt like I was trance planted to another world.
Then I started meeting the Alaskan people and fell in love with Alaska.
The beautiful mountains didn't hurt either.
I live in the most amazing Vally town.
It's a town I always imagined would live in.
You know the type where everyone is friendly and willing to help a each other out.
Question number 2 was asked by Teri
"My question for you is have you opened your etsy shop yet and if not , are you still planning to?

Well Teri my friend No I haven't opened my ETSY store yet.
Yes I do still plan on opening it.
I am just not sure when..

Question # 3 is from Heather or Momma duck

How did you get to be so awesomely fantastic? I want the secret!

Oh I am blushing..
Heather you are way too sweet.
I am not sure I deserve such a great compliment.
So I guess I am unable to give you the secret.

fourth question is from an anonymous reader.
This question made me giggle.
Don't you feel bad for having a trizillion handbags??? :)

Umm let me think about that one.
Absolutely not!!
The 5th and final question comes from Natalie

Growing up, how did you picture your married life?
Good question Natalie.

I imagined that I would be a wonderful fabulous wife of one super hot Man . We together would try and populate the world single handedly We would live in a beautiful home on a hill that over looks our kingdom. I would dress fabulous in my diamond and fur while doing laundry.
I would be the life of every party and everyone that knew me would love me.
Oh my goodness it all came true.

Ok really I pretty much imagined that we would be a super couple that would aways be in love.
I thought I would have 2 kids be the PTA president.
I thought I would always be busy doing charity work and hosting fabulous parties.
I imagined I would go on romantic trips to Paris and have a summer home in the Hampton's.
I basically thought I would be a NY city social lite with a big tycoon husband.
thank goodness thats not my life.

I could have never imagined that my life would be so much more like it is.
I really do have an amazeing fabulous life. A husband that spoils me and cherishes me and is still madly in love with me.
I have 8 amazeing children who I love so much.
I have a great spiritual faith in my Heavenly father and a wonderful relationship with him.
My married life has not been with out heart ache and loss.
The best part is when heartache and loss come I have and eternal companion that is always there by my side who loves me true the tough journeys.
I really do live a charmed life.

Thanks for the questions if you have any more feel free to ask them..
Just don't be shocked by the answers.


gigi said...

Well, this was fun reading. You are just to cute.

Jen said...

Such a cute blog! Visiting from SITS!

Ann Marie said...

It's always fun to get to know people! So what state were you originally from if not Alaska?

Ter said...

fun questions! Guess we can't blame you for not giving up your secret to awesomeness!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a neat post......thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Looks like another fantastic block is brewing! Always fun to visit here!
thanks for sharing...

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks Jennifer. That was so fun reading. I really loved the end.

Now I think it would be fun to see pictures of your home and closet with all of your shoes, handbags and crafts.