Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I guess yesterday was a boring post

Or maybe there is an invisibility cloak over my blog and only I can see it.
Or maybe I am just not interesting anymore.
Hmm maybe it's that everyone is busy and has no time to comment..
Or maybe It's been that I have been to busy to comment on everyone else.
Ok maybe I m just to being dorky
So it's you all's turn to ask me questions..
Let me know what you what to know and I will answer it.
Hope everyone is haveing a great day..


Chanda said...

Stopping by from SITS so I must leave you a comment. LOL!

I love your pictures of you and your husband! And eight! You are WOMAN! I only have 2 and they kick my butt!

Cherie said...

I have been a little blog absent on the "surfing" end.
But I have surfed on in today!!

I DO have a question for you. I have been wondering if you have always lived in Alaska or did you move there from somewhere else?

Ter said...

My question for you is have you opened your etsy shop yet and if not , are you still planning to?

grammatrish said...

i just figured you were too busy welcoming dale home!! no time to blog, sew etc.... LOL

Diane said...

google was acting funny and no one was getting their reader for a while. then the whole darn thing went down.

that's all.

you're not boring! lol

Julia said...

Comments have been a little slow this week. I think it's the going back to school thing... Post on my reader are down too by a lot.

Thanks for visiting at my site too and leaving a comment. I have been here before too!!! But sadly it's been a while. I shall try harder. ;)

Rayna said...

Yeah, I think everyone is either starting school or preparing for school. I just took a look at the post and it was fun. can't wait to see the Haloween runner. My fav holiday!
thanks for stopping by today. Sometimes I feel the same way, is anyone out there?

The Blonde Duck said...

I think everyone is on vacation or starting school.

mamaduck said...

My question-How did you get to be so awesomely fantastic? I want the secret!

Anonymous said...

On vacation with wifi this week....not checking in every day. Love your blog, Jennifer. I'll comment more!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't you feel bad for having a trizillion handbags??? :)

RatalieNose said...

Growing up, how did you picture your married life?

Anonymous said...

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