Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little bit of sewing.. A little bit of Shopping... and a little bit of thinking..

The one positive part about school starting is that I get to have baby M again..
I love this sweet little girl as if she was my own..
Yesterday was her 2nd birthday so I just had to make her something fun!!

So I made this little diddy..
I cant wait to see what it looks like on her..
I have been doing a little bit of shopping
since Dale has been home..
I popped my head into Joannes for just a minute to pick up the makings for Baby M's
tutu and fell in love with this set of fat quarters.
I am going to make a runner for Halloween out of it.
We also bought new family room furniture.. It is so super comfy.
We are also getting new carpet.. I cant wait.
Dale also gave me permission to get a new living room set as well .
You know we are doing our part in trying to stimulate the economy.
So on to the thinking part..
I have been thinking I should finish all my unfinished projects.
Like this sweet little apron I started last October.
All I have to do is put the waist band in and the ties and then it is done.
I also have been thinking how hard it is going to be when I take Ben to Kindergarten for the first time.
I cant belive my Baby is so old..
I really never thought I would see the day all my kids were in school..
So my friends what have you all been up to?


Diane said...

i'm really liking that halloween apron! i hope you'll model it for us!!!

how exciting is getting new furniture??!!!!

gigi said...

I love that halloween apron. to cute.

Sharon said...

Wow, this is adorable!

Aunt Spicy said...

That apron is fabulous!!!!