Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am a spoiled girl..

My hubby spoiled me rotten with gifts.
He did a little shopping befor he came home.
OK a lot of shopping  according to the guys he was with.
One of the first thing said to me from the guys he was with was" Boy your man sure likes to shop"
Yes he does I am a very lucky girl that way, he loves to spoil me with gifts.

The fun set is a carry on bag a purse a wallet, perfume, and a head band.
It is all Burberry London brand.
He also got me the matching swing coat..
I would show you a pic but I dropped my camera and I think I broke it. Bummer..
He also got me a yummy Coach purse and a fun dooney and bourke..
He wont show me the other purses yet..
It's killing me to think of what other yummy brand named purse he snagged.
I really do have the best Hubby in the world!!


Diane said...

ooooh lucky girl! yes, i love a man who likes to shop!!

gigi said...

That is just so sweet. My sweetheart has NEVER shopped for me. But he has given me the money to shop for myself. You are just one lucky lady and wife. Those are so cute.

Yarni Gras! said...

you deserve to be spoiled....I am glad he is home....I'm sure that is the BEST thing of all!

Michelle said...

I love presents!

Gamma Sharon said...

He knows how to get to a purse and shoe lovin women!!! Lol
What a great man!
Love, Sharon