Friday, December 31, 2010

I am that girl:(

I never understood how somebody could start something and never finish it.
Like a book who starts a book and never fishes even if it's poorly written or boring I finish the book,the only time I have never finished a book was when it was so vulgar and nasty.
Sewing and craft projects I never understood why somebody would start a project just to leave it hanging.
Well I guess I under stand now because I have become that girl.
I have 15 unfinished sewing projects. Yikes.
I didn't even know it until I cleaned out my sewing bins looking for a scarf I started before Christmas that I put away in my haste to clean the house for a showing.
I was shocked as I found project after project that I had started and almost fished but stopped for some reason.
I guess I am just that unfinished project girl now.
For a little while anyways.
My goal if to finish all my unfinished projects next week.


One with many names said...

Heheeh, I have lots of unfinished projects floating around. I should probably get to them one of these days.

NadineC said...

Well....if you DO finish all your unfinished projects next week, you realize you are going to be making the rest of us look really, really bad.....

Sarah C. said...

Totally guilty as charged when it comes to unfinished projects. I have good intentions, but other things jump in the way ... Best of luck in knocking them out!