Monday, December 13, 2010

The Nativity

My room has always been called the simple Elegance room.
My rooms are always simple ( not) but very elegant.

This year I went with a black and white theme.
I used black wrapping paper as wall paper.
I made a white and black dropped ceiling with fabrics left over from Kadies wedding and added black glittered snowflakes.

One corner of my room.

Another corner

Sister Smith and Sister Grover in there country store room and Tami hanging out.

My friends Marty's room, bless her heart her daughter was medevaced to the mayo clinic opening day.
I love this room. She really knows how to touch ones hart.

Tami and I in front of the beautiful quilts We don't look so beautiful, And look at little Arvie sneaking in to the shot.

Last but not least Kadie and Dan game me this memorial angel for William..
I was very touched and put it on the tree. Every year decorate the nativity room for William for his birthday gift..
I cant believe that tomorrow will be his 5th birthday.



ter@waaoms said...

Happy Birthday, William...

yes, it is very hard to believe our babies would be 5 this year. I am so sorry William is not with you, but I'm glad you had such a wonderful way to honor his birthday.

Sarah C. said...

You did a wonderful job on your room! Very elegant. And I love the little angel from Kadie & Dan in William's memory - such a sweet and thoughtful gift. ((HUGS))

Elizabeth said...

It is beautiful. I knew it would be. Happy Birthday William. I hope your memories keep you happy this year. I Love you!

Yarni Gras! said...