Thursday, December 2, 2010

A lot to think about..

There is a strong possibility that we are staying in Alaska.
I can't share details just yet but should know in a few days or so.
I was shocked with my self that I was not super upset and that I did not scream there is no way we are staying.
In fact a calmness came over me and the high anxiety I have been filling  lately was eased a little.
I don't know if this is because we are still supposed to move and this was my comfort  or if it was because we are supposed to stay and this was conformation.
I really still want to move but for the most part they are selfish reasons.
I kinda want to stay now and they are selfish reasons too mainly because my two oldest girls are staying and in the next few years I will be a grandma and I want to be around for that.
Plus my kids love it here and the schools are amazing.
So we will see.
I hate limbo land.
For now we will continue to pray to see for guidance...


shaina said...

Hope you receive your answers. I don't like the "not knowing" stage either.

ter@waaoms said...

I know all about the "not knowing" limbo too!! It sucks.

Btw, I clicked on William's photo in the sidebar because I was thinking his birthday was coming up and wanted to remind myself of the date. I noticed that the link to his story doesn't work, it goes to the main page on that site, not to William's. Just thought you'd want to know.

Yarni Gras! said...

limbo land is never fun. You seem so comfortable where you are the day you posted you were moving, I was surprised.....