Friday, December 3, 2010

Jenn Sue the Christmas elf..

Everyday for the last 3 weeks or so I have been working on secret projects for my kids for Christmas.
When they leave from school i sneak them out and work on the until they come home.
Then I quickly hide them until they are sleeping.
It really has been fun being sneaky like this.
Years a go I use to make all my kids Christmas gifts mostly because I had to because money was tight.
I never really enjoyed doing it because there were so many shiny gifts I wanted for my kids in the store.
I always felt cheap giving home made gifts to my kids it made me feel poor.

This year I am doing it because I want to bring the love of an old fashion Christmas to my kids, gifts from the heart.
I have warned them all that I am making every thing this year.
I thought I would hear alot of moans and groans instead I got homemade wish list from my kids.
I was shocked but very pleased that they are fine with this homemade Christmas idea.
My kids are so good and loving and thoughtful, why on earth would I have ever thought they would have a problem.
It made me realize that I am the one that had the problem not them.
It's weird that I would have issues giving homemade gifts because I love receiving them.
I just glad that I am doing it this year and that I am having fun with it.
Making all these gifts is really getting me into the Christmas spirit.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am making today.

I am making 3 different type of scarfs and ear warmers.
They are all turning out so cute.
 I will share more later.

So what are you all working on anything fun and ideas you want to share.
I am always looking for new ideas.


shaina said...

I think homemade is fabulous. I'm sure your kids will love everything you do.

Yarni Gras! said...

terrific idea! I wish it was cold enough to do some of those gifts down here. I could use some ideas to stretch our budget.

Sarah C. said...

How wonderful - the gifts and your kids' reactions. :) I can't wait to see everything you create.