Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quick photo shoot.

This last week has been so filled with work fun and good friends..
I mentioned in earlier post that I was decorating a room at church for our towns Christmas celebration.
Well my poor family has not seen me until today.
We were driving home from church and it was just so beautiful out that I told every one we had to have a photo shoot.
We quickly changed and went out side.
Here is our first shot not bad.
This is how we really are.
The girls
The boys

The parents.

My favorite

I also loved this test shot and how we are all looking down.

By the way it is a warm 4 degrees out today.
I loved how all the pix turned out..
Tomorrow I will share pix of the Nativity..


shaina said...

I get so excited over family pictures as well. It seems to be a picture at it's perfection, and with lovely snow too. I miss you!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

So fun! I love pics in the snow! What a beautiful family you have!

One with many names said...

Those are great photographs!!!! It's a balmy -20 with windchill here... supposed to be 2 today but was -8 last time I was outside.