Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeling Sassy.

After Church yesterday I put on my cute apron and was feeling a little sassy, like I was June Cleaver or something.
Aprons always make me feel sexy and sassy for some reason, that's why I think I own so many.
I think aprons look even more sexy with the right leg wear.
What do you think?
Well I think it is time to make another apron it's been a while.


Jean said...

It's cute alright... at first since your arms are in the way I was thinking that it was a dress with a black t-shirt under it... then I noticed the black skirt part... hmmm.
Always nice to have a cute apron...
mostly cause I'm always spilling on mine! LoL... Nothing wrong with having a few around!

Shawnee H said...

That is just an adorable apron!!