Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New to me but very old.

My in-laws have a large closed in back porch, they decided to put new windows in and update the wood paneling to drywall.
On our way to Cheyenne Dale was telling me about the old windows being out of the stables at FT. Warren during  the civil war. I got very excited and wanted one. I did not remember what the back porch windows looked like because they were always covered with curtains and had no clue of the rich history behind them.
I immediately called my Father in - law and said "you still have the old windows right?"
He said yes why my dear and I said I want one.
He said we'll see.
When I got there Friday night after giving him a hug I said were are the windows?
He showed me and I was in total love.
I batted my eye lashes and said can I have one please!
He said it will cost you.
I said how much?
 He said 2 kisses.
I said sold!

one of the best deals I ever made.
Now I just have to make it into a lovely work of art to hang over my new couch.

My father in-law also gave us his Grandmothers lamps they are 80 years gold and simply beautiful.

They are elegant and fun at the same time.
I just need to spruce up the shade I have a fun idea for them already Maybe I will get to them this week.
I am having fun collecting old new to me stuff.
I use to have tons of antiques when I lived in Kansas and California, when I moved to Alaska I got rid of it all and decided to go all modern.
Now I am decorating with Modern and antiques.
I love the old with the new feel.
Plus it molds my personality perfectly.

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shaina said...

What fun! Can't wait to see how it looks!!! I love your blog topper, by the way!