Friday, September 2, 2011

Play on words.

You will often hear Ben say Mom can I have liquer, or Mom I really could use a liquer, or mom I need more liquor. If you know what he's talking about you would think he's asking for alchol. What is asking for it is licorice.  What he is saying is licker not liquor but to anyone who dose not know what he is talkig about gives me or Ben the strangest look.
I love how an inocent nickname for a tteat can sound like I am raising a drunk.
Ps My other kids think it's so funny and now call liocorice licker.
You just gotta love them!


Sarah C. said...

So cute! My 2 year old pointed out beer during a grocery trip and exclaimed, "more, Mama! More!" And I can assure you he's never had beer. Pretty sure he didn't even know what he was pointing at. I just laughed and said, "you have to have had some to get more." ;)

Jean said...

Too funny! My dad ever since our kids were little.... would say things like...... "Well, when I was a little girl, I did this or this."..... (and of course now that it's possible to have that happen and he says it out in public... it can be a tad bit embarrassing! LoL...