Thursday, September 8, 2011

I use to be amazeing and super skinny.

Once upon a time I use to be a really good seamstress.
I would sew all girls outfits and made dresses for my self.
{Me my Baby sister the bride and our older sister Crystal 11 years a go}
My sister asked me to make her wedding dress and brides made dresses as well as my 3 girls dresses.
Looking back at this picture I am amazed I could do it plus have 5 kids under the age 9 the youngest being 10 months.
So were did this super woman go and why did she take her skinny self with her.
Oh ya she grew up had 3 more kids dealt with a death of a child moved to Alaska gained weight so she wouldn't freeze ,married off her oldest child then left her and her sister in Alaska and moved to Colorado.
Now that I only have 5 kids at home again and no longer need the extra weight for the winter I might find this super woman once again.


shaina said...

You can do it!

ter@waaoms said...

first of all, jen, let me point out that you are still skinny. you look fantastic for a woman who has had 8 children, and I hope that you know that you are still amazing. You don't have to take my word for it, just ask your husband, I'm sure he will agree. :)

Karen and Matt said...

Just so you know, I think you are amazing and look great already! But you have a goal in mind and I know you can do it. Go Jen! =)

Elizabeth said...

I am with Ter on this. I recently saw you and you are one HOT MOMMA. I can see you wanting to exercise to get fit, loose a little weight and feel great about yourself, but you are in no ways fat.

Also you are still super talented and with no kids at home during the day I am sure your super sewing skilss (SSS) will come back soon. I look forward to seeing what you make next. If you need any ideas my Birthday is in a few weeks. Hehehehe I Love you.

Ande said...

You are still a superwoman, you just changed what you do as we all do. You are amazing and Imiss you like crazy!!!!! I am trying to skinny down again too, arghhh, I have a long way to go.

K.A said...

You still look great even for a woman who has had 8 children, i hope you manage to get to your ideal body!