Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The plane the plane!!

Everyone who knows me knows I am known for the best baby girl baby gifts.
I love making every thing pink and frilly, lets face it they have better girl fabric and patterns.
I have a friend having a little boy and I wanted to create something fun and boyish for her little guy.
I thought and I thought nothing but the basics like burp rags , blankets, bath time apron were coming to me.
The other day I was watching Ben make paper airplanes and the idea formed in my head why cant I make a paper air plane out of fabric.

So I did and this is what my creative mind came up with.
When I was done with the plane I beamed with delight because my crazy silly idea I had in my head worked.

It didn't just work it worked brilliantly, the plane can fly too.
I did not take that into account when I first thought it up.

My little Benny boy loved it too and asked me to make him a few.
So today I will be sewing more up.
I will also be taking pictures of how I make them anyone interested in a tutorial?


shaina said...

Turned out super cute!! Great job making your idea become a reality!

ter@waaoms said...

awesome that you came up with an idea like this, I bet it would sell well on etsy... you should do a video to show it flying too!!

Tara said...

yea please make a tutorial! this is an awesome idea, and i would love to make one!

danandcami said...

I am!! My son wanted me to "buy it" when he saw the picture here!

Holly Days Closet said...

I so want to know how to make them they would be great if we all had one and had races. I can hardly wait.

Dan and Katie said...

This would make a really fun mobile! I would like a tutorial...but the kind where you come over to my house or I come to your house and you show me :)