Thursday, September 1, 2011

Now thats a Deal!

The other day while at the Goodwill Dale found this couch and fell in love with . He found me looking for tresuers in the clothing department.
I did not care for the couch at first bit then it grew on me. When I saw the price I have to say I was shocked and thought for $27.00 we really could not go wrong. After determining that it was clean and probly was never really used we bought it. Now I just need to make some colorful pillows in so fun colors to make it Jenniferized.


ter@waaoms said...

I just wanted to say i like your new header. your family is so fun. my family doesn't even like each other. :/

Shabbby and Frills said...

Hey Jen,

What a FAB FIND!!!
Here is a little trick that I learned for cleaning furniture Fabric furniture that is take it to the CAR WASH yes it works great. Suds it up and scrub then rinse. Your Fam is still in our prayers.
Have a great week end

Jean said...

$27???? WOW! Such a bargin.... I'm saying this in my Brooklyn accent! Accent on the Barrrrgin'. And it's soo long... that's great! It sure fits the room/and your hubby nicely!