Thursday, August 30, 2007

Cute Shoes Cute wraped Gift Oh my they match!!!!

Guys are such dorks!!!! I went over to a friends house to drop off a gift . When I got there her husband looked at me then he looked at the gift then he looked at my feet and just started laughing. I looked down to make sure I had on two of the same shoes on . Yes they were my very cute leopard print shoes . So I was confused as to what was so funny. I said so are you going to let me in on the joke he just smiled and went and got his wife. I told her what happened and she looked at my shoes and could not fined any thing funny. Then about 2 minutes later he comes back in the room with his camera and said I just have to take a pic of this . His wife said do you mind cluing us in to whats got you in giggling fit . He then said I can't believe you wrapped the gift to match your shoes. I looked at the wrapped gift then I looked at my shoes and sure enough they matched. ( Like I planed that Duhhh) I then started giggling I said it's kinda funny but not that funny . I cant help That I have good taste in Shoes and wrapping paper:)


shaina said...

Very very cute!
by the way, what was in the gift?

If you check out my blog colors, I did them because I like them. But then one day I was looking around my living room, and I realized they were the same colors as my blog. Now I know where I got the inspiration from! Funny how our minds work without us knowing.

Jen Sue Wild said...

I don't Know if I should comment back on my own blog. I did notice your Blog colors look like your house.
It was a leopard print scarf and glove set.

shaina said...

very fun!