Friday, August 24, 2007

There's Chicken's in the Yard momma !

Ben came up to me this morning and said momma we have chicken's in the yard .

I said we do?

Ben said : ya I just can't find them .

I then said how do you know they are in the yard then .

Ben said: because there are eggs all over the yard!

I said eggs all over the yard you better show me.

We went in to the yard and sure enough the yard was filled with mush rooms shaped like chicken eggs.

So on a sad note we were in the dining room when I heard this noise that sound like a ball hitting our french door.

I then noticed tiny little feathers on the door. I looked on to the porch and this tinny little bird had hit the window and broke it's little wing . I was so sad and had no clue what I should do for it .

I guess that's just nature.

I almost forgot the kids started school on Monday . They are so happy to be back in school.

Ben misses them so much , he does not under stand why he can't be in school.

Here is a pic of Robbie, Garrett and Madeline. I guess I need to get school pix of the older 3.

Can you believe Kadie is a senior this year . I can't believe time has passed so quickly.


Wolf Queen said...

Aww poor little bird. :( Sweet first day of scool picture.:)

shaina said...

oh, that mushroom does look like an egg! How perceptive li'l Ben is.