Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Playing with Paper and pictures.....

I have always wanted to figure out how to color on thing in a black and white photo . So I learned years ago how to do it with special pens. I never really like how I made them look .
One of my friends a year and a half ago showed me a scrap book page with her little boy in a yellow rain boots holding a yellow umbrella and the rest of the pic was black and white. I asked her how she did that and she told me with a very expensive computer program. I thought Oh I better buy it then cuz I loved that picture so much. Well I never bought the program but discovered that I had it all ready installed on my computer. (This was about 8 months later.) Well just because you have an expensive program doesn't always mean that you can turn it on and it will work. I just could not get the hang of how it worked I was so wishing I still lived by my friend. ( cuz I know she would have been able to teach me) In a passing conversation a friend of mine her who is an amazing Photographer kinda told me how to do it . so I thought I 'll give it a try and holy cow it worked . I could only figure out how to color one thing at a time I guess I need to take baby steps.

Well I joined a card swap some of my friends talked me into it. I thought OK I will try it but who knows how they will turn out considering I have never rally mad cards before. It was fun making the card it was kinda hard coming up with a design on my own. I think scrap booking is much easier. The theme was flowers I thought OK I have tons of flower stamps and flower paper I can do this no problem . Yeah right I just looked at every thing and my brain started hurting. I then thought I would maybe use blossoms I have tons of them but I did not have 12 of the same color. Then I saw a chip board flower and thought I will just trace it 12 time and see what I can come up with . So This is it !!!!


shaina said...

Jennifer, those cards are great! A card swaps sounds fun.
As far as the coloring in black and white, now that you realize you have the program, I can totally help you. Just let me know what else you want to do. In fact, email me, because there is an easier way to do it than what you are doing, I think. But congrats on your success! The picture looks great!

Wolf Queen said...

Those cards are great Jen. I wish we lived closer, I know we could have so much fun doing this kind of stuff together. Which program did you use to do the black and white coloring?