Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mom I got get big so I can carry you!

My sweet little boy Ben came up to me and said " Why are you so sad Mommy"I said because you are getting so big. Ben said well mom I have to get big so I can be a strong man and carry you when you are old . (Ahhhh heart melting ) I then said why would you do that for me ? He then said because I love you mama.
I just can't believe he is 3 now. I wish time would just standstill. Before I know it he will be grown and out of the house :(
The kiddos started school this week I am happy and sad about it. I am glad they get to be back with there friends and furthering there education. I love haveing them home with me and I will miss them . I better run the time is getting the best of me I am off to the dentist wish me luck!!!

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