Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thats just my mom!!!!

You got to love 6 year old's.I had to run into Madies class today to drop off some papers she forgot.

When I left one of the little grils raised her had and said Mrs. Evens" was She a movie star"

Madeline just laughed and said she's no movie star thetas just my mom. Her class mate then said well she doesn't look like all the other Mom's...

Talk about a self esteem boost. The last couple day's I have felt a little frumpy..

Now when I am feeling down I will just think I am a Supper Star!!!!


shaina said...

I think you are a super star and one hot momma in your lepard prints! Go Go Go Girl!

Ahmed said...

every one looks so goog. wish I was with you