Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello friends!

Hello everyone,

I thought i would start a blog ,I have been wanting to do this for a while.
A lot of my online friends talk about there blog spots. so I thought I would give it a whirl.
You never know what i might do or say everyone who knows me knows my life is never dull.
So stay tuned at read often .



shaina said...

Yea! You have a blog! Welcome. It's so fun. I bookmarked your site so I'll return often and try to make funny comments for you.
Thanks for visiting my site and for commenting. I know it's a tough job re-populating the world, so I appreciate the little break you took! :) I keep adding things, so visit often.
Love ya!

Wolf Queen said...

Hey little sister, cute blog! Love the pictures. I've tried the blogging thing before and found myself too lazy to keep writing, but I love reading them. Maybe you'll inspire me to keep one again. :)
Love ya, C

suzys-mom said...

Hey, nice to see you blogging. I'm from the other site CFM. I started my blog because of Cassandra. Ours is at Momscrowd.com. I think you have to join tho. if you want to read them.


I just noticed I am posting as suzys-mom, did I register here before?? How did it know??

Anneke said...

Hey Jen great blog and nice pic .you have a great family and as I told you before you are the best mom that I know
Hugs Anneke

Crow-momma said...

Hey there sweetie-pie!
I've never tried bogging before, but it could be fun!!!
I will check in often!!!
Love Ya Cous!