Monday, December 15, 2008

My birthday gift to William

During the 2nd week of December our town celebrates Colony days. It is a 2 day celebration with fun activities all over our small little town.

Our church participates by setting up about 1,200 nativities all over our church. The cool part is that it no longer looks like a church. Every room is transformed into themed rooms. This year I decided to take on the challenge of decorating a room. I decided I would do it as Williams birthday gift.

It took me and my sweet friend Kristy about 3 days to set the room up. I decorated in red silk form celling to floor it was all red and silky. It looked like you were in an Mideastern tent. I had these really pretty jewls hanging down from the celling and the most beautiful tree. It was truly an amazeing site when you went inside. I then asked for all the white and gold nativities . They looked amazing against the red walls and the dark green silk I used for the tables.

For the 2 days the nativity was open I had the pleasure of setting in my room watching the expressions on the people who walked in the room. Everyone agreed that walking in every room was purely a delight . They loved being able to see all the beautiful nativities.

For me and my family it was a great way to celebrate Williams 3rd birthday. We then came home and had a birthday cake and we all blew out his candles.

I wanted to share a quick story that happened . I had just finished the room and all I had left was the tree. I was tiered and wanted to go home. So I decided to wait until the next day to decorate the tree but before I left I wanted to make sure I had all the hooks and things I needed for the decorations. while I was riffling true the box I came across Williams little stocking that I has sworn was in his special box. It was just like he was saying Momma good job I am proud of you and I love and miss you to. It was my undoing I just broke down in tears. It was such a sweet moment..



Ter said...

I don't see it, Jen.

Ter said...

I don't know why I couldn't see your post before but now I do and it was worth the wait.

Beautiful, Jen, and what a tribute to William!!

Happy Birthday, William!

Diane said...

What a sweet b-day celebration!
Good job, Momma!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, William.
Good job, mama.

Ande said...

Kim and I were just talking about William this morning. I love that you celebrate his birthday. I love your nativity room, it would be so neat if we did something like that here. I miss you and love you tons.

Meg Giroux said...

This is so beautiful Jen!
Your sweet William is so blessed to have you as his Mom.

JANE said...

Aw Jen, the Nativity Room is beautiful and a wonderful place to remember William!! Fantastic idea, your town sounds like a great place to be.
And the stocking would have been my undoing also!

Anonymous said...

William was such a sweet baby to let you know he was thinking of you on his birthday Jen! I remember how bittersweet his memorial service was! I know you all miss him lots but am comforted knowing you have the faith that you will be joined with him again. Love ya girl and Happy Birthday Sweet William!

J'ana said...

Your nativity scene is gorgeous! You are such a talented and wonderful person and I am so glad to know you!!

Elizabeth said...

I am sure it was wonderful. Thank you for the pictures and story your shared. I am sure William loved your tribute to his life. Love you.

The Blonde Duck said...

Stopped over to say hi! What a lovely gift! Down where I live, it's a Mexican tradition to build a nacimento, which is a HUGE elaborate nativity. They can be so detailed--people put airplanes, people carrying fruit, all sorts of things.

Yarni Gras! said...

what a beautiful gift to William. And I am sure he is proud of you for giving it to him

I'm Always Rite said...

Wow! What a special day for William. I know he was there with you!
Your family is so special! I miss you guys so much!