Thursday, June 4, 2009

Am I that rusty?

Or should have I just went to bed? I got the creative bug at about 10pm so I cut out a purse. Then Dale skyped me at 10:30 so I talked until close to 12 am.. So instead of going to bed I started sewing the purse. well I was on the home stretch and almost done when my bobbin thread ran out thank goodness( or I would be doing a ton more picking out) . I then looked at what I sewed and just could make since of it.I stared and stared and stared but could not figure out what looked odd. I then relised I had sewed it completely wrong . So I picked it all out and started sewing again, but this time I thought out a little more witch was a good thing because I came better way to sew it.. I think. I finally quit sewing at 2am.. I have just a little bit more to sew befor I can reveal my new purse design. I think it will be a keeper when I am done..


gigi said...

I just hate when I have to rip things out! I don't mind sewing I just hate ripping out! Can't wait to see it, looks cute already.

Elizabeth said...

Looks good. I can't wait to see the finished job.

RatalieNose said...

You're amazing Jen!

The Blonde Duck said...

Poor thing! You were probably tuckered out!