Sunday, June 28, 2009

The mystery of the missing swing set..

As I was backing out the driveway to go to church this morning I saw something very peculiar in my yard..
Or I should say the lack of something..
The corner of our yard where the swing set belongs was empty.
As i stared at the empty spot I became confused.
I looked at the kids and said "does any one know where the swing set is"?
They all started laughing I said did you all move it.
Shelly with her duh don't be dumb attitude said" yep mom we moved the swing set".
I said look for your self it's missing.
She took a look and stated the obvious" the swing set is missing".
The rest of the kids looked baffled and said who would steal a swing set.
Time was ticking away and we were going to be late for church .
So I left the solving of the missing swing set until we got home.
While at church I told a few friends they all laughed and were as baffled as I was.
One even said maybe when you get home there will be a new swing set.
When we got home the swing set was still missing, so I called my neighbors to see if they heard any thing.
When I told Val she just laughed and thought I was joking.
She said "your kidding right", I said "No the swing set is missing".
She went outside to see for her self and stated the obvious
"Jenn your swing set is missing."
I said I know didn't I just say that.
I then joined her out side.
She said "who the heck would take your swing set"
I said "I have no clue".
I told her about the noise I heard around midnight in the my side yard.
I said it sounded like somebody dragging there trash to the curb.
I told her that
Shelly and I went and checked it out to make sure no animal had gotten in the Rabbits cage.
We did not notice that any thing was wrong but took the Rabbits in anyways.
We then decided to look on that side of the house for drag marks but did not see any.
We even had the little kids look in the forest.
We still did not find it so at that point we thought maybe we should report the missing swing set to the authorities.
I was giggling and said "what should I say".
How the heck do you report a missing swing set taken in in broad night light ?LOL
(rember the sun stays up most of the night)
Just then Mylissa said I found it." I think".
She was on our back deck and thought she saw it poking out of the forest.
We then hiked into the forest and sure enough it was laying there.
We all looked at each other confused as to how it got there.
There where no drag marks, the forest did not look like it was disturbed at all.
It was quite puzzling to think how it ended up in the forest.
We then started looking around on the ground and saw
all these tuffs of hair on the ground starting from where the swing set was,
ending at the edge of the forest.
We then put 2 and 2 together and relised what had happened.
A Moose had dragged the swing set into the forest.
Mystery solved.
As I have said  befor only in Alaska.



Ter said...

oh that would have been quite the experience to have your swing set go missing. My guess is that the moose got caught in the swings and carried it along til it was able to free itself from the swingset. Hopefully it did not hurt itself too much and that there wasn't too much damage to your swing set. The question, however, is are you going to charge the moose with theft? lol ;)

The Dean Family said...

Crazy moose robber! Good thing it didn't try to trample you last night when you went out to check on the rabbits! We had some moose almost get tangled in Tru's swingset this spring...I think it spooks them pretty bad to be tied up in a plastic swing.

Case closed.

skywind said...

Oh, what is that? Too crazy.
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Nicole said...

That was a histerically cute story! That would be a sight to see huh?

Diane said...

that's insane!!!!!! lol

gigi said...

What the hay??? That is just nuts.

Shea said...

That is crazy!

Tonya said...

Oh my goodness! That is wild. :)

Sarah C. said...

Good gracious! That is nuts. Did the moose's kids need a new toy? LOL

Jennifer said...


RatalieNose said...

What the heck???

Rayna said...

Only in Alaska! So funny!

I'm Always Rite said...

This is by far the coolest thievery story I have ever read! :) Thanks for the laughs! :) I so wanna live in Alaska! :)

Yarni Gras! said...

you know what they say.....
Truth is stranger than fiction....sooooo true!

Cherie said...

Oh my gosh! That has to be the story of the week!!
That is the craziest thing I have ever heard~!!!!

Crista said...

Jen, I need to write a children's story for an assignment. Would you mind if I borrow from your adventure?