Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers day to all the fathers in my life!!

I want to let my hubby Know just how much I love him!
He is such a good father to our children and I am so greatfull for all the sacrifices he makes for us..
I love you with all my heart and cant wait untill you are home again..

The kids miss you a ton too. Her is a little vidio of Ben.
I caught him singing this this morning.
I thought it was so super cute.
The best father in the world
my hubby.
To My Daddy
Who I love and adore, and who taught me to that it's OK to be myself..
he also thought me to love unconditionally..
(I think his mommy thought him that)
you were my first hero
( I love you daddy)
To My wondefull father in-law who raised any amazeing son..
I want to thank him so much for that..
To My grandpa Pete
I love you Grandpa
(He reads my blog)
And of course To myneighbor Al..
He loves my family so much and is always makeing sure we are fed and that my yard is taken care of..
I love you Al
You are truly like a father to me
Happy fathers day..

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Elizabeth said...

Awe. You are so awesome! That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love you.