Friday, June 19, 2009

Grumpy Ben, apron makeing and Brownie cookie experimenting.

As you can tell from this pic Ben is in a grumpy mood..
Every time I ask him to do something he says no!
If he's not saying no he is just Winny.
When I asked him to model an apron for me he stuck his tongue out at me and ran away.
So I said fine if you are going to be grumpy you can just stay in your room.
He then smiled and said ok..
He stayed in there for an hour and said I am happy now can I come out..
Let's see how long his happiness is going to last.
I have been busy apron makeing aprons for the last couple days. I am an apron angel for a gal and her 2 kiddos they where in a swap and nobody sent them any thing when I heard about that my heart just sunk so I decided to make them for those sweet kiddos..
I will send them off Monday to there happy home..
So today I am going to make experiment and add cookie dough to my brownie mix..
I will tell you in my next post exactly how I am doing it and post the recipe and the results but I am pretty sure it will be yummy.
I guess I better go pack the boys for there camping adventure this weekend.
So it will be just me the girls and Ben..
I think we will pig out and watch chick flicks tonight..
So what are you all up to this weekend??



Devri said...

Gymnastics state meet! thats all!

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Ter said...

i'm grumpy too, can i have one of your cookies/brownies?

Stacey said...

Friday- cleaning for a girls night. :(

Saturday- having a spaghetti, movie and gossip night with the girls.


Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

My Hubby and three oldest are at the Cancer Relay for Life. Baby B and I are eating yummy yogurt shakes and snuggling in front of the TV. So exciting huh?

You are a Great Apron Angel

shaina said...

Kolby is always happier after he's been in his room for an hour. Makes me happy too.
That's so nice of you to make aprons for the other family. You have a very kind heart.
Miss ya!