Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colony day parade

This weekend we celebrated colony days in our little town, colony days is when we celebrate the colonist coming to Palmer and settling here..
Garret, Robbie Ben and Madie marched in the parade along with there friends and teachers from church.
Here our our missionary's marching together almost in perfect time with each other.I was standing at the end of the parade route and when Ben saw me he squealed mom mom why did you leave me.. I said I wanted to watch all the other floats.. He said well that was mean to make march with all the other people.. I just wanted to be with you!!
I think he had a good time anyways..


Gamma Sharon said...

We celebrated Days of 49 here this week. My little Boo just loved the parade... his favorite part was the Police cars and there sirens and lights. They weren't even in the parade... they were escorting the parade. Go figure. Lol
Love Sharon

Elizabeth said...

You are such a good mom to have Ben want to be with you always. I miss you.