Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Matanuska bridge.

We decided to go on an adventure to the Matanuska bridge..
At one time you could drive across the bridge but now it's been closed off. You can walk across it and look at it's glories view.
After we walked across it and took in the sights we decided to play on it for a bit.
Ben played with his bubbles!!
And Garret played with his remote control car..
We then headed over to the park to fly kites and play in the dandelions.
I will share those pix later.
It was a super fun way to spend a saturday!!


Ter said...

looks like a fun time! :)

gigi said...

I love flying kites, one of the funest things ever.

RatalieNose said...

What a fabulous view!!!

Nicole said...

It's just so nice to be outside and away from the duties of the home. Good job making time to just be with your kids. :)

Reviewer11 said...

It's so wonderful to spend the days with family. :D

valentine said...

it looks like it's still cold there. i remember when the hubs and i lived in anchorage a few years back, absolutely loved it, but it never got hot in the summer! this southern girl needs heat....and humidity! LOL

stopping by from SITS to say hi!