Friday, June 26, 2009

Meet Nevil and Norma

Yesterday Shelly bought her BFF rabbits for his birthday.
Norma, is very loveing.
She loves to eat and play with the kids
She especially loves Garrett.
Where ever he goes she follows.
Nevil on the other hand likes to be left alone..
My kids are begging me to let them keep one or get them
one of there own.
I keep telling them that if we kept them there Daddy would butcher them .
I know that sounds harsh, but thats what he did growing up on there ranch he was in charge of butchering the rabbits.
I don't think he likes rabbits much because of his butchering duties.
I think it would be hard to be attached to something you were going to kill.
So anyways while he is gone and Shelly's friend his getting things ready for Nevil and Norma to go home with him.
We will keep them and love them for now.
I do think if Dale was here he would fall in love with them too.
He just pretends to be hard and tough but you should have seen him with our chihuahua Ricky that we had 10 years ago.
He treated him like a baby..
It was so cute and sweet to watch..
Maybe I should get a new chihuahua befor he gets home.



FORD RULES said...

I really wouldn't butcher them. I would set them free in the forest. I don't like the taste of rabbit, never did.
You are getting enough gifts upon my arrival back home you probably shouldn't get a dog too.

Monti said...

You know my hubby had to do the same thing in his family. He said he wouldn't be able to stomach rabbit today. He had a real hard time eating the ones that were "his".

RatalieNose said...

We had rabbits when I was really little...the only one I remember is Cow. Yes, white with black spots.