Monday, November 16, 2009

Momma it's Freezing out side


That's what Benny told me all bundled up looking like the kid from the Christmas story.
The kid is so right in fact it's 8 blow zero out.
Way too cold.

So I went back inside and had some raspberry hot coco in my Santa mug with Ghost shaped march mellows.
Now that I am warm and toasty I have some catching up to do.
I have been so busy with everything that my blogging has been neglected.
We had new carpet installed in the family room, stairs and 3 bed rooms.
Boy let me tell you it was so much work getting those room back together in fact that's what I should be doing right now finishing up.
Had I known it would be so much work I would have said no stinkin way.
Yet I am loving the new look and the clean bedrooms.

I am going to tell you a secret OK not really a secret but I am going to tell you any ways.
Having babies weren't easy on my legs. Yes my legs.
I have nasty ugly painful varicose veins.
But not for long I had a doctor appointment last week with the nicest vascular surgeon.
He mad me feel so at ease I even showed him the nasty varicose veins on my Bum.
I was so glad he was a normal DR. I will tell you tomorrow about my last experience with a Vascular surgeon it deserves it's own post.
So anyhow I am exited to have sexy legs again I cant wait!

So When I was coming home from my appointment I manged to get this shot!

I just love the frozen river beds They are so pretty cold but pretty.



Gamma Sharon said...

How nice to have new carpet... did you come home to snow or have you been in snow for awhile?

Ter said...

I have those veins too. Most of them are smallish but I have a huge one that runs down my entire leg. ew.

Something I noticed. My aunt has them, her aunt has them. It leads me to believe that it 's passed down from aunt to niece. strange eh?

Diane said...

whoo hoo for sexy legs! i hope it all goes well!

that picture is beautiful, but just looking at it makes me COLD!!!

Gaia said...

Nothing makes legs look better than a great pair of HEELS! Thanks for flying by : )

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

73 degrees today here in the SC lowcountry. I surely would love to see some snow here this year. It's been FORever! Glad that you found a doctor that you feel good about. Just imagine how much better things are going to be (and feel) when you have those sexy legs back.

Cherie said...

Oh boy 8 below sounds REALLY cold - Bbbrrrrrrr

Glad you found a good Dr. I have never had V Veins but I have a friend who does and they just look painful. Glad there is something that can be done!!

Ann Marie said...

I thought I was cold.
But it's not THAT cold here.

I know your pain with the v veins.
I want to hear the old story.. and what happens with it this time around....