Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The perverted surgeon..

Yesterday I promised to tell you all about my last experience with a Vascular surgeon.
It was about 8 years ago Madeline had just turned one and I decided since we weren't having any more babies I would get my varicose veins fixed.
I was a little nervous because I thought I would have to have surgery.
My OB that I had a check up with told me about sclerotherapy were they inject the veins with saline and sclero which would shrink the vein.
It sounded great to me so I asked her to set up an appointment with the Vascular surgeon.
The Meeting.
I will never forget my first meeting with the surgeon.
He came in all flirty and said my aren't we a pretty little thing what can I do for you?
 I explained That I wanted my varicose veins taken care of.
He then took a little history and when I had said I had 6 kids he about flipped out whistled and said wow you have an amazing body for someone who's had kids period but 6 holly cow you look amazing.
I just giggled because I heard it all the time.
Then it was time to show off my ugly veins.
The nurse came in and the first thing that came out of the DR. mouth was can you believe she has 6 kids look at her hot sexy body.
Alarm bells went off and I gave this look at the nurse like what the heck did he just say.
At that point I was a little reluctant to show him my legs.
I just stood there for a moment collecting my thoughts.
He then said lets see these ugly little veins.
He started to touch the veins and I relaxed because it felt very clinical to me.
Until he just started caressing them as he talked to me about the what rout we were going to take.
Let me explain exactly where some of my veins are.
They are on my calf and the back of my thighs.
So he was rubbing his hand up and down my thighs I had a skirt on so it a little to weird for me.
The nurse was just staring at me like are you ok with this and I was pleading with my eyes for her to stop him some how.
She then handed him a pen and the chart which he took with one hand while he continued to caress my legs.
I then just kinda wiggled a way and asked so what are we going to do to fix my legs.
He wanted to do surgery but I talked him into sclaro.
We made the date to have the procedure done.
he walked me out of the exam room and on the way out told everyone he saw can you believe she has 6 kids
doesn't she look amazing.
I went home and called Dale and told him what happened.
He was a little shocked and then thought I must have been exadurating.
I told him that he would be at my next appointment.
So the day came for me to have the sclerotherapy.
Dale kept joking with me about the Dr and his flirting.
Then the Dr came in a little surprised to see Dale he tried to convince Dale to leave by telling him that he it might make him feel sick to watch.
Dale held his ground and said I will be fine I am a surgery tech.
The DR. said Oh I guess you have seen worse.
Dale just looked at me with his eyes he said what is up with this Doc.
I was laying on the table while the Dr was injecting my veins and he turned to Dale and said you are one lucky man. Where in the heck did you find your wife I cant believe how good she looks after having 6 kids.
He just kept going on and on about my looks and my body.
I was really surprised Dale did not punch him, but I really just think he was a little shocked.
On the drive home Dale said was that man for real.
I do have to say my leggs looked pretty dang sexy when the therpy was compleated.
That is untill I got pregnat again 3 years later.
So this is why I was a little skittish about going to the Vascular surgeon this time around.
I am happy to report that this DR hardly touched my legs and never once commented on my body. I was much relived.
At another date I will tell you about the Gym stalker. It's a funny storie.


Diane said...

ewww creepy!!

Sassypants Wifey said...

Super creepy! I hate the idea of changing doctors or seeing a new one. Glad the new one was less creepy feely!

Ter said...

Well, he's not wrong, you do look good!

However, that was a very unprofessional thing to do and I would be leery of him too!

Cherie said...

Gross what a perv!! Totally inappropriate!!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

that is SO creepy! I wondder if the bad doc is still practicing. He sounds like he was headed for trouble!

Ann Marie said...

Gross.. Gross.. Gross.
Good thing you stayed awake and decided against the surgery,, who knows what caressing would have happened after. EW and yuck.

Small House said...

AUGH! YUCK-YUCK-YUCK. Sad to say, but I bet most women have a story like this, which is to bad. GLAD you found another DR!
Have a good day.

Nicole said...

Eeeewww, what a creepy doctor. You're much nicer than I would have been or my husband. He would have beat the guy to a pulp :)

Devri said...

that is sick!!! eeewwww!