Thursday, November 19, 2009

New moon!

I am so super excited to see this movie!
I cant believe that tonight is the night,  my tickets are for the 12:10 showing.
I still haven't picked out an outfit but you can bet it will be black and red.
Good thing it is my favorite color combo.
I am just not sure if I am going to wear my red heals or not cuz baby it's cold  outside.

So is any one else going to night?
Dose any one have any fun new moon party that they are going too.
Tell me tell me I am dying to know that I am not the only old lady going on opening night.



Timi said...

I'm going I'm going I'm going!!!
I didn't care one way or another about going but then when my friend got tickets and invited me..........all the sudden I was super excited. I guess it's being in the middle of all the hubbub.
Have fun!

Tracy said...

I'm going too! My tickets are for 12:01. So you are not the only "old lady" going! :) Enjoy!

The Blonde Duck said...

Have a wonderful time!

Rayna said...

I so wanted to have a New Moon party but our schedules were too busy. I don't care next time (Eclipse) I will be throwing a party!
MY show is at 10am!!
Have fun!

April said...

I went to the coolest party... this lady and her daughters went all out with quotes all over the house one side was la pushe and one section was italy and then forks of course! Tons of food red chocolete fountain games and more. It was the best way to start the night. So did you love the movie? I loved it soooo much better then Twilight!