Friday, November 20, 2009

New moon and new color

New moon rocks!!
Here I am on my way to the theaters.
In my twilight black and red

Here's Kadie and I in the theater waiting for New moon to start.
The movie was awesome!! a Hundred times better than Twilight.
The werewolves were weird looking when they were wolves but lets face it Jacob was a hottie!
I really thin I am going to drag Dale along with me to see it again.
I think he would like it this time around.

Now for new color!

I died my hair a little darker this time around and went with light strawberry blonde highlights instead of light blond ones I think I like it.

Who knows maybe I will go dark brown next time.
I think I am getting bored of blond.
So what do you think?



Shawnee said...

Cute color! Can't wait to see New Moon, too.

Turtles In North Dakota said...

oooooh Love the new color! I am always changing mine up too.What fun is hair if you cant play with it!

Devri said...

I don't want to see it.. but I do love your color!

shaina said...

I love it. And I love your blue shirt with the necklace too. Have you been using the velcro rollers??
miss you! Kimble's surgery is Monday.

Ter said...

looks good!

Gaia said...

Your color looks great! Can't wait to see New Moon. I saw a coat at the Coach store that made me think of you! All leopardy and yummy!

Nicole said...

Ughhh, I think everyone has seen New moon except me now!!! I cant wait, but I have to, no money.

I LOVE the new color!

Ann Marie said...

Love your hair!! You seem to be one of those girls that can wear many hair colors and look great! :)

I am sad to say I liked New Moon.. but didn't LOVE it. It was disapointing to me!! I'm going to blog my thoughts soon..

Yarni Gras! said...

the color is GREAT! I can't wait to see the movie too....oh and The Blind Side...that movie looks awesome too!

Cherie said...

Wasn't it just fab?!!! Loved it!
I like your Red and Black outfit!

Your new hair color is great too - I like the darker highlights! I always want to change up my highlights too and just get a little different look going on - it's fun!

Have a GREAT day getting crafty!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm loving the new color! Keep it!!

Gamma Sharon said...

Your hair looks great... I like it!
And now, I am so envious... I so want to see New Moon!!! Did you read the books?