Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A sweet moment.

Right now I am doing Thanksgiving prep.
Ben stayed home from school with a made up tummy ache and I let him knowing full well that he is fine.
I just new he needed mommy time today.
So while in the Kitchen he asked mom why do we have thanksgiving.
I told him the story of the first thanksgiving he said oh.
So why do we still have thanksgiving.
I explained that it was a day we could be grateful and reflect on the blessings we had during the year.
He said oh like being grateful dad has a job and that we have food and a house.
I said bingo Ben you are right on.
He then asked me to bend down  he grabbed my face with his chubby hands and said mom I am so very thankful for you!
He then kissed me sweetly on the cheek.
At that moment my heart just melted and the tears started flowing as I whispered and I am so very grateful for you.
I have so many things to be grateful for this year I could take hours naming them all but the thing that I am most grateful for is my Family.
I really am a Lucky girl with The best husband in the world who loves me and our children who has pride in our country and has served it in war and peace for the last 20 years.
I have 8 of the most wonderful children who make me laugh , cry and show burst of flustered emotions from time to time. I am grateful for it all.
I am so blessed to have 7 of them here on earth Healthy and happy for the most part.
I am also Blessed to of had William for the short time he was on earth he made such a deffrance in our lives we are still learning from him almost 4 years after he left the earth.
I am grateful that I am back to the old Jennifer just slightly improved.
And I am great full for all my bloggy friends who give me such strength you all are a big part of me getting the old Jennifer back.
I am so grateful that you all except me for who I am . I know at times I am a lot to take. Just ask my hubby.
I hope everyone has a Happy fun Thanks Giving with all your loved ones..


Diane said...

:) this post just made me smile! i hope you have a wonderful holiday!

The Dean Family said...

Nope. You're never too much to take. We all love your over-abundance of optimism and "JenWild-edness." A breath of fresh air, I tell you!

Yarni Gras! said...

what a beautiful post Jennifer! Some people have a gift with words and you are most certainly one of them.

Rhonda said...

What a great post. When little ones realize whose important and can express it......PRICELESS!