Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Checking things off on my to do list.

I am slowly checking things off my to do list, that seems to grow minute by minute.
Yesterday I marked off quite a few things.
I was very happy.
I got the brides maids dresses cut out and they are now ready to be sewed, Hopefully by the end of the week.
I maneged to organise my bed room closet .(No small task I assure you)
scrub the floors.
Deep cleaned the bathrooms
Oh and I worked out just extra just so I could eat 2 pieces of red velvet cake. LOL
(It was so worth it..)
I also did all my regular chores which included cooking diner.
Last nights diner was Chicken pot pie.
It was so yummy and I did it all from scratch.
Yes I touched a whole chicken put it in a pot and boiled it.(Yuck)
I am not a fan of touching raw meat or meat that is on a bone.
It was well worth getting over my self and my prissy ways because homemade from scratch chicken pot pies are the best..
That was a bucket list check off.

So what's on your to do list?


Jill said...

Pack boxes, sell the house (had some people who like it look for the second time today--fingers crossed), pack boxes, make dinner, and pack some boxes. Way to conquer your fear of raw meat. I like home cooked chicken better than store bought.

Cherie said...

Good job on getting so much done! It feels good to check off the list.
I have recently heard of more and more people who have a hard time touching meat. So good job getting over that.
Keep on truckin!

Tulsi said...

I'll touch meat, but never fish. IIICCCKKKK. I can almost check off sewing a special order apron. I did check off taking pearls to jewelry store to figure out the clasp. Glad we took it back to the jewelers as pearls have a tricky clasp because they are heavier than other jewelry. I'd have never figured that out!! Plus the first one was broken so they traded them out. Check, check and check.

Ande said...

Let's see, move all the stuff from my craft room to make it into Brennan's room, clean downstairs, grocery shop, look at bunkbed, go to Karate (boys) while there exercise(me), go through clothes, wash more clothes, etc, etc
My wish list is to finish quilt I started, finish embroidery, etc. :)

The Country Club Kats said...

Ha, for a minute it looked like a jumbo bottle of rum in the background kitchen counter but upon blowing up the pic I see it is only olive oil - lol.