Tuesday, July 27, 2010

He can ride!

Our Benny can ride a bike on his own!
No big deal right because most 6 years old can ride a bike with out training wheels right!
Well what if I tell you this was his first time riding a bike ever.
No Ben is not deprived by any means.
The kid has a scooter, skate board, a toy tractor a rip stick but has never asked for a bike.
Dale and I decided to get him a bike for his birthday Friday.
Maddy knows this and was concerned that he wouldn't be able to ride it because it had no training wheels.
So she decided to teach him tonight.
I did not know this until they both came running in telling me I had to come out side.
I eagerly went to see what they were doing.
I was surprised to see Ben get on Maddy's bike.

I was even more surprised when she let go.

I was even more shocked when I saw him riding down the road by him self.
I cant believe Madeline taught him in mere minutes to ride a bike.
She was so proud of Ben and I was so proud of her for loving him enough to want to help him.
Maddie is an amazing big sister and a wonderful daughter.
She makes me proud to be her mom!
Days like these are the best.
I love to see my kids getting a long and helping each other.


Yarni Gras! said...

I do too...doesn't it just do you good to see the love you've instilled in others!

jillytacy said...

I guess he was ready! it's so nice that they helped and supported each other.