Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Privacy note tutorial!!

 I thought it was time to write a new tutorial.
I have been having this same problem  for 20 years no privacy when I try to go to the bath room or take a shower or bath.
After walking out of my bathroom stark naked from my private bathroom that's in my bed room to a child sitting in my bed I had had it!!
I looked at her and not so nicely said get out of my room now!!
I put some clothes on went to my desk and made a Fancy note for my door.
I spelled allowed like my 9 year old spelled it in her note so she would have no problem reading it.
I do know allowed it not spelled aloud.

The girls have a note that says NO BOY  boys aloud or death will occur if  you enter.
I decided to be a little nicer and write please and thank you on mine.
All you need is a pen and paper to make this fancy note for your door.
It takes about 5mins to make and then you just use tape to hang easy peasy right!
After I placed the note on my door.
My kids eagerly read it and they all moaned and said what you cant do that?
I said I am the mom I can do anything that's legal and this my children is legal.
So far no one has entered my room.
So tell me do you all have the same issue of kids walking in on you in all states of dress or duress? Or is it just me?
And as always if you have any qustions about this tutorial or see any mistakes Please let me know!


Karen said...

Love the story and have used it before myself.

But...ummm..it is spelled "allowed"!

Sorry, it is the mom in me to correct spelling. Hope you are not offended~

shaina said...

I did the same thing this morning. I closed my door, to change, and Georgie opens it right behind me. I turned her around, pushed her out the door, and closed it again. She was not happy.

My sister has a firm rule: No kids in her room, ever. The door is always closed. They must knock, ask their questions, and stay outside. I'm thinking I should do the same thing.

mamaduck said...

I think I almost always have a potty pal. Luckily the 7 and over crowd don't want to see me naky so they stay out now. But those pesky toddlers...

The Dean Family said...

I'm so making mine right now!

Cherie said...

Nope. I have a lock on my bedroom door and the kids know if it is locked they better not try to come in and they better not even knock unless they are bleeding or someone is dead! Ha Ha

Cherie said...

P.S. Had to laugh. Your first commenter felt the need to correct you but I don't think she actually read your post - just looked at the pictures!
Caught ya!

Yarni Gras! said...

ha! I just fell out of my chair! Yes, we have the same thing here....it is getting better but on ocassion, it still happens...then I scream "I'M NAKED" and the door quickly closes!

Blessed Mama said...

Oh my...I had the exact conversation with my 3 and 4-year olds just yesterday. Mine isn't so much about me being in various states of undress, but about it being respectful of my personal space and having at least one area of the house that I didn't have to worry about gouging my foot with a Lego or stepping over Mr. Potato Head. It's all about my bedroom not being a toy store at this point. Nudity will come later I guess.

jillytacy said...

Too funny! I think that when you become a mom you lose all rights to privacy. They should warn women of that before they get pregnant. I only have one child and it's still an issue. I haven't gone to the bathroom by myself in 6 years!