Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The junk business

When we lived in California we had a side business.
Dale would buy storage units that people had defaulted on. 
It was fun to clean out the units to see what treasurer we could find in side.
It was also very profitable we made a lot of money off of eBay and selling consignment.
Dale was so well known with the owners from the storage lockers that they started paying him to clean lockers out the cool part was he could keep the stuff that was in the lockers.
We really thought we could retire and easily do the junk business and make a good living off it. 
It was something he loved and it was very profitable.
We were making as much as he did at his real job right before we left Ca.
It was really hard when we left CA. to give up the business.
A month ago Dale started the junk business up again here in Alaska
And its going really well
(just look at my garage)

We have already tripled our investment.
Which is very exciting making a big profit is going quicker this time, probably because we know what we are doing.
Sometimes I get annoyed that there is so much junk in my Garage and that Dale spends his Saturdays cleaning out lockers but I do have to say it has it's perks.
In the last locker unit he bought there was tons of fun kitchen gadgets that I kept that were all brand new and high quality.

Plus there was this dishes set I had been eying at Target it was a $49.99 a set of 16.
I was so happy that there was 2 sets.
So it was like getting getting a hundred $ worth of dishes free.
I cant wait to see what treasurer he gets this weekend..
He will be treasure hunting and I will be having a yard sell this weekend something I loath.
It will cost him tho my mind is just turning as to what I want as payment..
I am think a new pair of shoes or maybe anew hand bag..
We will see.
So my question to you do do you guys love yard sales or hate them?


Erin Terry said...

I abolutely LOVE yardsales. I had one a couple weeks ago. It wasn't as successful as the ones I had in Utah but it was still fun.

Gramee said...

Love to go hate to host.. I need to have one because My garage is full of stuff I am never going to use. But it is 110 degrees here do people go to yard sales when it is over 100?

My friend and her husband have this kind of business in St George Ut. they sell a lot on Craigs List.. They make good money

Dari said...

That is so great that you guys do that. What a good idea for a way to make money! I love yard sales... in wealthy neighborhoods. ha ha I am picky and like quality stuff. So if you go to a nicer neighborhood they usually have newer and higher quality stuff!

Blessed Mama said...

I hate garage sales! I loathe having them, but don't go to them either. You have to be up too early (and there is not way I'm going with 3 young kids), there is too much junk to sift through, and I never find anything. Other people seem to have lots of luck, but not me...maybe I need tokeep trying....NAH!

Tulsi said...

I hate to go and I don't hold them. We donate to Deseret Industries and use the tax write off. Even though the gal who has "All things Thrifty" was in our ward and had some cool things, I don't like the headache.

Kelly O. said...

love em!!!!

Ande said...

love yardsaleand thrift shops. Of course I love antiques, what better way to find them. I hope that you have fun at your yardsale. When we had one in CA, at one point we had made over 500 bucks, not bad for a days work.

Ann Marie said...

LOVE me thrift shops.. yard sales.. and well.. everything!

I am a "picker." Yep.. love to pick and sell it consignment.

My husband gets mad about our garages as well. I hope I don't get burned out.. because it's fun!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

That would be SO interesting. You're a treasure hunt everytime you went into a unit. I think I would really enjoy going to yard sales if I had the time...but I'd want somebody to go along with me for fun. I don't think it would be much fun going alone.

Yarni Gras! said...

I love to go to them...hate to have them..but love the money....hmm....I guess its a love/hate relationship!

jillytacy said...

I love to go to yard sales but I've never had one. I'd rather just donate the stuff and have it be gone from my sight!