Sunday, July 25, 2010

{Singing for hair}

Today in primary we played a fun game during singing time.
If the kids sang loud and together they got 3 pieces of hair to put on Bother Wilderness (Dale).

Dale had no clue what I had gotten him into and was a good sport about it.
It was fun watching the children's reaction to the game.
They absolutely loved it.
Our chorister for primary is very creative and makes sing time a joy.

We surprised another Bother in our ward with the joy of getting hair too.
We were so blessed to have two great bald men be such good sports.
All we did was asked if they would volunteer during singing time.
They had no clue what was going to be done to them.
I think they might think twice before helping us again..

So what do you all think of Dales new hair do?

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The Country Club Kats said...

OH my God Jenn, i can't stop laughing!