Monday, July 19, 2010

Dang I am busy!!!

I swear there just is not enough time in my day.
I go go from morning(8am) until Morning (1am)and swear I get nothing done.
I keep having anxiety over this wedding.
We already messed up on the invite we have the wrong time for the reception.
I cant believe none of us caught it until after the invitations were out.
So the wedding plans make me busy enough add on teaching a class for women's conference for church and getting ready to sell this house I am almost certifiably going nuts..
BTW guess kinda class I am teaching?

On a happy note Dale wrote a children's book it is being published and today we got see the rough draft.
It looks amazing . We cant wait to get it back from the publishers.
I am so proud of Dale for following his dream.

So any thing fun going on in your lives.


Yarni Gras! said...

not as much as yours! Hang in there and congrats to Dale!

Tulsi said...

With my married daughter with my granddaughter, missionary son and HS Junior daughter, every day is an adventure. I'm a phone call away at all times, but Steve and I are planning a vacation to Las Vegas - which is honestly just a place to us as we've always lived so close to it. Just a few days away, but still with the phone. My son in law is in the Master's program and my daughter will begin school again in the fall so I'll then have Addi pretty much full time. Then I'll have to juggle the high schooler and toddler. I juggle a lot. But everyone's juggling is different.

Cherie said...

Oh man you have so much going on but you are THE WOMAN! You can do it girl!!

And HUGE Congrats to your hubby on getting a book published. Wow that is really something. I can't wait till you can share it with us!

jillytacy said...

I love the pouty face! Too Funny! I hope you got all of your to dos done and are feeling a little more relaxed now!
I can't wait to see the book! I love children's books.