Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Benny Boy

Today is Ben's 6th Birthday!
Really can he be so old all ready.
He is such a joy and brings so happiness to our family.
Boo I don't have any of his newborn pix because of a computer crash.}
I was telling Ben this morning about his birth story.
He was in a hurry to get here.
My water broke 5 weeks early I was scared and eager to meet Ben at the same time.
He spent 15 days in the nic unit until we could bring him home.
He was so tiny weighing 5lbs 4 0z.
Yet when we brought him home he was only 4lbs 4 oz.
Yes he lost a whole pound in 2 weeks.
They weren't going to let me bring him home until he gained the pound back but I begged them to let me get home.
The  Dr agreed only if I took him back each day to be weighed.
It took him forever to gain weight.
It wasn't until he was 6 months old before he started packing on the pounds.
Then he turned into a  yummy chunky monkey.
In a week the kid grew from NB sizes to 6 to 9mo sizes.
He literally grew out of clothes when he was sleeping.
If i did not see it with my own eye I would not have believed it.

It was so nice to see him with fat on finally.

Now 6 years later he is just a fun happy boy who surprises us every day.

Happy birthday sweet boy!!


Bee and Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!

shaina said...

He was just a month old when we first moved to Travis.
Happy Birthday Ben!

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Ben!! I sure do love all those bubbles in your bath!! WOW!!


Yarni Gras! said...

AW! Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!