Tuesday, March 8, 2011

365 Days {Day 63 }

{Really Mom}
Despite her cries that she can't stand me she loves me more than she will ever admit.
Since Shelly was 2 she has rebelled against me.
I am nothing like the mother she wanted, but I am the mother she got.
Now at almost 19 she admits she loves me and needs me.
Probably because we no longer live under the same roof and there for my rules no longer apply.
I love that she calls me every day just to chat and she hugs me and tells me she loves me or gently kisses my head when she sees me.
I love this new relationship and love that she likes me now.


Elizabeth said...

You are so lucky to have a girl or two or more. LOL. I love this picture of Shelly. She is so beautiful. Congratulations on this wonderful new relationship.

Ande said...

I guess now she realizes a little more what you did for her. I love Shel, she is so funny. Miss her.