Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pre- birthday fun!

I am so far behind in blogging and so much has been happening in our little lives that have been keeping me super busy.
I will have a catch up post later first I am going to tell you about Dales pre birthday fun!

Kadie and Dan came over The night before Dales birthday and whisked us away for dinner.
{They had obligations on his birthday.}

We went to this fun little Mexican restaurant.
I love the bright fun colors and decorations there the food is pretty yummy too.
We had so much fun talking and hearing about Kadie and Dans plan for the future .
I told them it would be nice to have a grand child for my 40th birthday in 2 years.
Kadie agreed that would be a good gift.
I told her I wouldn't mind if it was for my 39th ether.
Dale just snickered at us and Dan tried not to say anything.
I love spending time with Dan and Kadie.

I think Dale liked his pre- Birthday surprise from his oldest daughter.
I will tell you later what our 2nd daughter got him.
Her card was something to snicker at and typically Shelly!


Valerie said...

Could this be an announcement??

kadie dahl said...

I love how you put a pic up of you kissing dad and put a pic up of me giving Daniel some kind of devil face...and NO Valerie it is not :)