Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beautiful girls!

Each year our church host a prom for youth 16 and older.
My girls love going because it is a safe place to be with kids that have the same standards as them.
You can also go with out a date and no one cares.
That was a big deal for Mylissa.
She is just not into dating.
She wants too but none of the boys she is around appeal too her.
So she went with her friend KaLene.

KaLeen came over along with Mylissa's best friend
So I could do their hair.
Eve left early with her date Robby.
So I did not get a picture with all the girls together.

But Madeline and Ben had no problem posing with the girls.
I think Madeline was dreaming of the day she got to wear a fancy dress to go to the prom in.
As it was she had her make up done and she put on a church dress.

The girls had a fun time until they were almost home and hit a dog.
I will tell you that story later.
I learned a lot about integrity and obedience from KaLene  from this incident she is an amazing young women.


shaina said...

They all look beautiful!!
You need to call me! I left you a message on Saturday. Did you get it?

danandcami said...

They definitely look like princesses going to the ball!

Tulsi said...

Prop is this week and Mikele is going to a concert in Las Vegas. She loves to dress up and date. She had a bad boy last and realizes she screwed up. but the bands will be fun. She has a fun group. A guy that graduated is driving. Steve is calling parents.

Yarni Gras! said...

what beautiful girls...!

Sneha said...

wow those prom dresses looks gr8