Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sewing Fun!!

The other day I was in a sewing frenzy I made all sorts of creations and this was one of them.

Can you guess what it is?
Any clue?
A crayon roll you may say?
If you did you would be wrong.
Here is another clue.

A pencil roll or a craft roll?
Still wrong.
Are you any closer to a guess yet?

It's a crochet roll, you know for crochet needles.
{That I don't own hence the pencils}
No I don't crochet but I have a lot of friends who do.
So I thought I would make a few for some friends who do.
Little miss M 's mommas birthday was the other day so I made one for her.
She loved it! {I think}
I need to make one for Kadie bug now and maybe I will take up Crochet and make on for me.
So what do you think?


Carla said...

VERY cool! Very cool indeed!

Kiera said...

I love it! Did you fly by the seat of your pants when you made it or did you use a pattern? I'd love to make one for myself but I'm a pattern kind of girl.

Ande said...

I was thinking the other day that I needed to make one for my knitting and crocheting stuff. I love the colors.

ter@waaoms said...

I love the fabric.

kadie dahl said...

YES I WANT ONE! Also I was wondering if you could help me out. I want to make a craft roll. I'm sick of lugging everything to work in a plastic bag. I want it to be different than the usual one. We'll chat later about it though. Love you!