Tuesday, August 23, 2011

12 weeks to a slamming hot body.

I am sick of my flabby tummy for the last 2 years I have been trying to get back in tip top shape I get close then something happens and I fail to meet my goal.
This time it will be different.
How may you ask?
My Hero My Best Friend and lover will be doing it with me.
Yes support is the key.
We did this same goal 10 years ago and were very successful doing it together.
I have tried many times on my own and have failed every time.
Dale (my Hubby) did it wile deployed a few years a go with some other guys and succeeded.
In the next few weeks I know I will see dramatic changes in my body.
I will post pix every 3 weeks so you can see my progress.
I will also be treating my self with little presents every three weeks if I hit my goal.
My goals are simple eat the way I know I need to and exercise the way I know I need to.
I don't care how much i loose so I have no weight goal.
I am so excited I cant wait to fit into my super skinny jeans.
Wish me Luck!


Cherie said...

Good luck!! It is not easy but I think you are right - support is the key!!

Christina said...

My question is What will you be doing to get your self back in the shape you want? Other words -- let me in on your secret.... I have been struggling and really need some ideas. I hate doing things alone. I have tried the support group thing and it only helped to shed 5 lbs over 3 months. But I did learn what foods were and weren't good for me. But I pretty much already knew that.

Elizabeth said...

I am glad you have no weight goals. You look pretty hot already and I have seen you in person. Way to go. I am proud of you and Dale. Love you two!

Jean said...

Good for you!!!
My DD is doing a "biggest looser" program.... for 10 weeks... with a prize of $1000 in SLC. Even if she doesn't "win".... she still wins!
It's motivated me to get back on the band wagon too! I've been worrying and fretting about our dog. She passed away yesterday and so now... I know she is better off. And I can move on. I'll be rooting for you!

Ande said...

you can do it!!!! :)