Thursday, August 4, 2011

Broken Benny!

On Monday night Ben was ridding his friends bike out front. 
All the sudden I heard kids shouting aren't you glad you wore your helmet.
Then I heard Ben crying.
I ran out to get him and saw bloody knees and ankle and a scuffed up chin.
Yet he was not crying about any of those aliments.
He was holding his hand funny and sobbing my hand hurts.
I knew it was broken but agreed to wait until morning to take him to the ER.
So early the next morning I looked at his hand and said Benny it's broken we need to take you in.
The ER DR. looked at and said I think it's just sprained.
I said no it's broken.
He snickered and said what do you have x ray vision.
Ben said no she has Mom eyes.
I said Moms just know these things.
He said we will see.
After an hour waiting for the x ray we were back in our waiting area .
The DR. came in and said High 5 buddy your first broken bone.
He looked at me and said I think you have X ray vision and your defently a mom who knows your child.

After a lot of drama with the insurance company we took Benny to get a cast put on.

There was ton of cast options (Can you guess what he chose?)
The cast TEC was amazing he kept making Ben laugh.
Ben was so good and was entranced  by the cast make as he called him.
I did not realize untill he were at the cast place that Ben had a long sleeved shirt on.

Benny loves his cast and had everyone  in the family and the neighborhood sigh it.
So did any one guess that he got a glow in the dark cast with gold glitter.
Benny will have this bad boy on for 3 weeks.
Hopefully his eczema dose not flare up in the cast.
The Dr said it can and probably will so we need to take extra care that it dose not get infected.
So the next tree weeks should be fun.
PS. he gets to start school in his cool glow in the dark glitter cast.


shaina said...

Oh, I hope his skin doesn't flare up! Double dose of frustration!

Cherie said...

Glow in the dark with glitter?? That is way cool - I didn't even know they did that with casts, it almost makes you want one! Ha Ha

Yarni Gras! said...

God Bless that Benny!

Jean said...

So glad to hear that he will be all right... hope he "bounces back" quickly!